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Maritime Accidents

Maritime law and the federal Merchant Marine Act (known as the Jones Act) entitle seamen and other offshore workers to compensation for injuries they suffer on the job. Jones Act benefits may cover lost income, pain and suffering, maintenance and medical treatment. 

The type of claim an employee can file depends on the kind of work he or she provides and where the injury or death occurred. We represent workers injured on vessels and platforms across the globe, including territorial waters, international waters, the high seas and outer continental shelves.  

If you or a family member works in the industries involving ships and ports and has been injured at on the job, the maritime lawyers at Schuster Law can represent you in connection with Jones Act claims as well as third-party injury or wrongful death claims. 

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Dangerous Jobs Can Lead to Serious Injuries 

The Jones Act, maritime law and admiralty law provide benefits and compensation for seamen on ocean and river vessels, including oil rigs and platforms, fishing vessels, tankers, freighters, barges, supply ships, tugboats, towboats, cruise ships, casino ships and ferries. These workers are at risk for a range of injuries, including catastrophic injuries and repetitive use injuries. Some of the most common maritime worker injuries include: 

Any of these injuries may cause temporary or permanent disability. If you or a family member is unable to return to work, it is critical that you receive adequate compensation for lost wages. Our maritime lawyers are experienced litigators who know how to get results. 

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