Manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers have a duty to produce or sell safe products. Many times, they disregard their obligations, putting profit over the safety of workers and loved ones. If a product caused an injury because of an unsafe design, manufacturing defect, malfunction, or failure to provide proper instructions and warnings, the victim may have a products liability lawsuit.

Products liability lawsuits are highly technical, very complex, time consuming, and expensive to pursue. When seeking to recover compensation for injuries, a successful claim requires legal representation by an exceptionally credentialed lawyer who has the experience and resources to properly evaluate the details of a case and pursue the case fully. A skilled litigator must prove that a product was defective, that the consumer used the product in an anticipated way and that the defective product caused the consumer’s injuries.

Expert witnesses that are specialized in engineering, safety, and design often play a key role in preparing a successful case. Their expertise is required to examine evidence and provide testimony. Laws affecting products liability vary by state. Therefore, it is imperative to seek guidance from a products liability lawyer.

Our firm has represented individuals injured by many forms of dangerous and unsafe products, machines and industrial equipment and have recovered Millions for our clients. Examples of our cases include claims involving:

1. Automobiles
2. Defective Power Tools
3. Saws, Presses, and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment
4. Forklifts, Pallet Jacks, Pallet Trucks and other “Material Handling Equipment”
5. Household Appliances
6. Industrial Machines and Equipment on Construction Sites