The family of 6-year-old Nyon Z Warren has reportedly agreed to a settlement after Nyon was struck and killed in April 2019. The accident took place on Buffalo Road in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Van Driver Drove Off After Accident

Six-year-old Nyon was crossing Buffalo Rd. near the 1800 block with his brother in April of last year when he was struck by a van that belonged to the First Time Learners Academy Childcare & Learning Center. Eerie police indicated that the driver, identified as Sebarundi Yohana, was driving back to the learning center after having dropped off a coworker at their home when the incident occurred.

Truck Accident Lawyer in PennsylvaniaYohana, of 61 years of age, is alleged to have continued driving after the incident. Various security cameras were able to trace the route that the driver took from the scene of the crime back to the First Time Learners Academy, which ultimately led to their arrest.

Yohana has now been charged for the crime, but he has yet to face trial and remains free on bail. The charges against him include involuntary manslaughter, among others.

William Kelly Jr. filed the lawsuit on behalf of the victim’s mother. The named defendants included not only the Childcare & Learning Center but also additional individuals and private entities that are now believed to be interconnected. The lawsuit alleged that the driver was acting ‘within the scope of his employment’ at the time of the accident, and the Yohana was negligent in their driving by being distracted as well as traveling more than the posted speed limit.

After the victim’s family lawyer announced the settlement, the mother of the boy also commented that while no amount of compensation could turn back the clock and save the boy, it did provide some closure after the tragedy.

Filing A Lawsuit After An Auto Accident Death

When a family loses a loved one in an automotive accident, pursuing any kind of legal proceeding is often the last thing on their minds. Indeed, the trouble of a lawsuit rarely seems like a worthwhile endeavor, given the tragic circumstances. At the end of the day, this is a question which only the victim’s family themselves can answer.

However, as personal injury lawyers, we can attest to the fact that seeking justice via a civil lawsuit can often be a critical step in the process of emotional healing and recovery after a loved one is taken. A death caused by negligence can often put substantial financial pressures on a family; a lawsuit for wrongful death in an auto crash seeks to alleviate this pressure as much as possible.

Via a successful lawsuit or settlement, the plaintiff can be compensated for damages, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Physical trauma
  • Emotional distress

Victims will often wonder how much their case may be worth before they pursue legal proceedings. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to estimate. Nevertheless, it is important to confide in an experienced auto death attorney who will fight aggressively for the maximum compensation in every case.

Who Can File A Lawsuit After A Death In A Car Accident?

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a wrongful death claim can be brought forth by close family members of the deceased or their attorney. This guideline is not all-inclusive as exceptions have been made in the past y a probate court. This is why we highly suggest discussing your case with a lawyer before making any final decisions.

If the lawsuit is to be filed, it is essential to state that it is presented on behalf of those individuals who are considered beneficiaries of the estate of the deceased. In most cases, these plaintiffs are the widower or widow and any surviving children or grandchildren.

The compensation for wrongful death lawsuits can be a bit more specific to the circumstances than, say, a personal injury claim. Types of damages recovered can include burial and funeral expenses, costs of administration of the deceased’s estate, lost income resulting from the death, missed social security payments,  loss of comfort or companionship, and pain and suffering.

Within this context, it’s also valuable to note that some of the compensation to be awarded is intended to serve the surviving beneficiaries, the individuals. In contrast, others are designed to cover the financial cost that resulted from the death, i.e., the funeral and estate management charges.

If you lost a loved one in an auto accident, it’s essential to realize that a statute of limitations exists. In the state of Pennsylvania, the law states that a claim must be brought forth within two years of the incident. If it is not officially presented within this time frame, it can be incredibly difficult for the surviving family members to be compensated for their suffering.

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