Ultimate Scuba Adventures

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In Media, you’ll find one of the most unique aquatic experiences available to the community. For those with interest in scuba diving and a love for marine life, this adventure was made just for you.

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Owner and operator, Andre, known as “The Big Man,” is an experienced diver and teacher with a sense of adventure that he wishes to give back to the community.

Andre grew up in South Africa and moved to Cape Town as a child. His love for diving and underwater experience began there and flourished throughout the years.

In 1996, Ultimate Scuba opened as an instructional facility using a pool at a local school run by Rocky Run YMCA. With that location only operating for about a year, Andre and his wife Judy decided to branch out on their own and open Ultimate Scuba Adventures.

Courses and Travel Opportunities

The instructors believe in bringing students back to basics; their goal is to provide the best training experience for all skill levels of divers from beginner to professional. Dedicated to safety, education, and a life-changing experience, their professional management and staff are excited to take you on your underwater journey.

Choose from a list of courses available depending on your skill level and what interests you. From beginning courses like Discover Scuba Diving to higher-level courses like instructor courses or divemaster classes, you’ll get to make the most out of your underwater exploration while learning skills that’ll last a lifetime.

Ultimate Scuba Adventures offers once in a lifetime opportunities to travel the world with instructors and trainers to explore the underwater world in several different countries. Locations like Venezuela, Indonesia, the Caribbean, and the Galapagos Islands are a few spots they plan on traveling in the next coming year or so.

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