Five people have died and at least 55 others have been injured in a massive accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike that involved a tour bus and several other vehicles. 

Early Morning Bus Crash Kills Five Passengers 

The accident occurred at around 3:40 a.m. on Sunday, January 5th, 2020. The bus, which was carrying 52 passengers, was in Mt. Pleasant on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and traveling downhill on a curve when the front end of the bus hit an embankment and flipped. 

Several other vehicles, including three tractor-trailers and a passenger vehicle, were either hit or unable to stop to avoid the overturned bus. Due to the size, speed, and power of the involved vehicles, the damage was catastrophic and immediately claimed the lives of five of those involved. 

The driver of the bus, two bus passengers, and two men in a tractor-trailer owned by UPS were all killed in the crash. First responders spent hours working to free those that survived from the twisted metal, most of whom were rushed to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. In fact, the number of wounded was so high that the victims had to be transported to four different hospitals.  Nine of the injured were children. 

Experts Are Investigating The Accident 

Following the accident, the National Transportation Safety Board announced that a team of 20 specialists has been sent to begin an investigation into the cause of the accident.  This team consists of experts in roadway design, driver performance, motor carrier compliance, mechanical aspects, survival factors, accident reconstruction and staff from the NTSB’s family assistance team. The investigation will be ongoing and may take as long as two years. 

The victims and the families of the deceased, however, do not have to wait for this report to take legal action. 

Bus, Truck, And Car Accident Lawsuits: The Facts 

When an accident occurs, that accident typically occurs because of negligence. There are many forms of negligence when it comes to bus interiorautomobile accidents. A few examples include: 

  • Driving while drunk;
  • Grooming while driving;
  • Talking on the phone behind the wheel;

It’s not always the driver of the vehicle that is negligent. In some cases, a mechanic who has failed to properly fix a vehicle or the designer and manufacturer of a faulty auto part can also be considered negligent. 

Those who have sustained losses because of the negligence that caused the accident have the right to seek compensation by filing an auto accident lawsuit. 

This civil lawsuit could provide a plaintiff with the compensation that is needed to pay for medical bills, lost wages, funeral expenses, physical pain, and emotional suffering. The total amount that can be recovered depends upon the losses that have actually been experienced by the plaintiff. 

There are strict time limits that must be followed when taking legal action, which is why it is vitally important for auto accident victims to speak with an attorney as quickly as possible. 

Schuster Law: Standing Strong Beside Auto Accident Victims

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