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Old Third Presbyterian Church

This Chester Historical Preservation Committee is dedicated to preserving the iconic Old Third Presbyterian Church, located in central Chester. After over three years of abandonment, the CHPC took ownership and made it an ongoing project to clean and restore the historic building.

About The Church

The US Civil War created a vast diversity of goods and services and symbolic architectural work such as the Old Third Presbyterian Church. Through the work of architects Isaac Pursell and possibly assistance from Theophilus Chandler, the iconic 1894 Bethlehem Presbyterian Church with its gorgeous eight-sided vaulted roof was established.

The interior of the Church showcases many historic details inspired by different countries over the world. Natural lighting was installed using an intricate glass great eye-window version of the Roman Pantheon. On each side of the hall, classrooms were built with ventilated windows, light installations, and a clear view of the Rotunda.

The Church was more than just a holy sanctuary for church meetings and religious matters; a few of the most well-known historical political movements were discussed here in the church. The Ladies’ Temperance Movement, the Abolitionist Movement, and Women’s Suffrage are a few examples of the cultural and educational mission that took place in the Church hall.

The Chester Historical Preservation Committee was established for the sole purpose of preserving its unique and incredible space to serve as a monument for all of Chester.

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