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The personal injury attorneys in Clifton Heights, PA, at Schuster Law would like to share some historical facts about the neighborhood.

Clifton Heights

The borough, Clifton Heights, is located in the eastern section of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The county is situated on the southeastern edge of the state. The main roadways in the 403.2-acre community are Baltimore Pike and West Springfield Road, which intersect in the town’s center. Westbrook Park and Drexel Hill are just north of the town, while Briarcliffe and Aldan are south.


Some of the first to live in the area were the Lenni-Lenape Indians, also referred to as the Delaware Indians. Their name stood for original people, and they were considered the grandfather tribe. When the Quakers settled into the area, they were peaceful for the most part. Even William Penn stated they “tread softly and mostly walk with a lofty chin,” as he described them. However, in 1755 the Native Americans retaliated against the European settlers in an attempt to take back land that they were forced from.

The area had advantage points of the heights, also referred to at the time as Tin Kettle Hill. This area located between Baltimore Avenue and Springfield Road offered the residents a wide view. If they saw the Native Americans approaching, they would alert the townspeople by banging on a large kettle. Several legends surround this theory of the townspeople being warned of incoming attacks from during the Revolutionary War.


The area is home to the first Italian Ice company in the United States, the Rosati Ice. The company was founded by Sam Rosati in 1912 and is located on East Madison Avenue. The Italian Ice company has worked with local schools to offer their sweet treat to the children. They have also created the American Hero Ice, a strawberry lemonade flavor, giving a portion of the sales to

Just down the road, on South Springfield Road, is Gaetoano’s Pizzeria. The small local pizza restaurant was established in 1988 by Joseph Gubitosi. Visitors from all over come to enjoy the Delco pizza favorites.

Another fun fact, the neighborhood is the birthplace of the glam rock band Cinderella. The band, led by Tom Keifer and Eric Brittingham, was formed in 1982. Some of their most notable songs from the 1980s include:

  • “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”
  • “Hot and Bothered”
  • “Gypsy Road”
  • “Nothing for Nothin”


The community’s population was 6,652 according to the census in 2010 and consisted of  2,714 households and 1,696 families. This was a decrease of 1.9% from the count of 6,779 in 2000. The racial makeup of the neighborhood was as follows:

  • 67.6% white
  • 21.4% African American
  • 14.5% Hispanic or Latino
  • 6.9% Asian
  • 2.1% other races
  • 2.5% two or more races

In 2000 the median household income was $39,291. It was $48,919 for a family household. Men averaged $36,534 while women were a slightly lower average of $32,210. The following is a breakdown of the occupations by the working residents:

  • 12.36% office and administrative support
  • 11.26% maintenance positions
  • 10.44% healthcare professions

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