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Spend your weekend exploring a few new spots in Media, PA, from visiting historical museums to walking through the city’s local farmer’s market.

Pennsylvania Veterans Museum

Open to the public, the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum is a great place to bring your family and friends.

This non-profit organization is dedicated to educating the public on the experiences that our veterans had during times of war, from hearing personal stories to understanding the sacrifices that were made. This museum will give you a feeling of appreciation towards veterans and the history of our freedom.

Inside, you’ll be able to find exhibits on the Korean War, Paratroopers, Women in the War, and much more. You can also listen to stories that will educate you and your children on naval battles in the South Pacific and watch short movies in the theatre.

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Delaware County Institute of Science

Known as a hidden gem, the institute displays a collection of minerals and a herbarium of Delaware County plants, fossils, animal skulls, insects, and lots of other specimens. They also showcase other collections such as maps, telegraph keys, radio vacuum tubes, and more.

The museum also is home to the original plate blocks used to print Samuel Gordon’s 1922 Mineralogy of Pennsylvania. There are also several specimens from the 1800s that can be viewed by visitors.

After viewing all the different exhibits, you can spend some time at the library, where they carry several thousand books and publications on Natural Sciences.

Media Farmer’s Market

Do you love fresh produce? Media Farmer’s Market brings farmers, residents, and businesses together in efforts to maintain the “Eat Fresh, Buy Local” movement.

The market is open year-round and provide visitors with high quality, locally grown and raised products. The market serves the community and helps maximize the economy and environment. Support our local vendors in Media and enjoy all the market has to offer.

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