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The workers’ comp attorneys in Glen Riddle, PA, at Schuster Law would like to share some of the neighborhood’s history.

Glen Riddle

The unincorporated community of Glen Riddle is part of the Middletown Township in Delaware County in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania. The community’s elevation is 82 feet. It encompasses ZIP codes 19037 and 19063. The neighboring communities are Granite Run, Alverno Valley Farms, Lenni, Aston Mills, Rose Valley, and Moylan. The main roads that travel through the area are Pennell Road, Glen Riddle Road, Lenni Road, Mt Alverno Road, and Birney Highway. The community is just 3.4 miles west of the center of Media.


The area was named after the prominent landowner, Samuel Doyle Riddle. Samuel was born in the area in 1861 and became known as an American business and racehorse owner. His father emigrated from Belfast, Ireland, in 1823. He rented a textile mill before buying his own. Eventually, he expanded to five mills with 400 workers employed. The mills operated with 270 power looms and 10,400 woolen and cotton spindles. He purchased several hundred acres within the area that his son used to raise racehorses. When Samuel died in January of 1951, his land was to be used to develop a hospital. The Riddle Memorial Hospital opened in 1963 upon 34 acres awarded by Samuel.


Chester Creek runs through the southern section of the community. Along the creek are a few venues upon historical land. The Sage Farmhouse currently offers the community a venue for weddings and parties. The house upon the historic farm was built in the late 1800s by A.E. Ford. Ford was an industrialist and used the estate as a summer retreat from the city. On the land, he planted a 7,000 tree orchard that included apple and peach trees. The current owners, Kim and Jerry Fink, have gone to great lengths to preserve the historic property while sharing its beauty with the community.

Traveling farther north along Pernell Road is another historical venue, Kings Mills. The Kings mills date back to late 1600 during the Revolutionary period. They were initially grist mills using the waterfalls of Chester Creek for power. The Stone mill served as a worship center for the community of farmers and workers. The mills shifted from grist production to ammunition, such as cannonballs. General George Washington, along with his troops, gathered cannon and musket balls from the mills as he traveled toward the battle of Brandywine. The site was also credited for its involvement during the Underground Railroad for harboring runaway slaves. The King family purchased the property that contained the mills in 1990 and strongly desired to preserve the area’s history. Along with skilled stone masons and Amish artisans, they restored it to its current glory.


In addition to Chinese and Spanish, 90.0% of the residents speak English as their primary language. A breakdown of ancestries the residents identify as includes:

  • 25.2% Irish
  • 16.3% Italian
  • 12.0% German
  • 10.4% English
  • 5.9% Polish
  • 1.2% Canadian

The community is among the top 15% of the highest income neighborhood in the country. The breakdown of the top occupations held by the residents includes the following:

  • 52.8% executive, management, and professional roles
  • 17.6% sales and service occupations
  • 14.6% clerical, assistant, and tech support positions
  • 14.4% manufacturing and laborer professions

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