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Center City Philly is rich in historical landmarks and iconic galleries all around the city. While exploring these exhibits, you’ll find yourself admiring the natural beauty of what our city has to offer to its guests and acts as a reminder of what our country stands for.

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Barnes Foundation

Find a new appreciation for fine arts and horticulture by learning about the history of one-of-a-kind collections from the founder, Dr. Albert C. Barnes. The Barnes Foundation features 181 Renoirs, 69 Cézanne’s, and historical African art. As if that isn’t impressive already, they also have work from many famous artists such as Picasso, Titian, Degas, and Manet. With the gallery offering several different educational opportunities, make sure you check their website to take a class and bring some history home with you.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Immerse yourself in history at one of the largest art museums in the country with its vast collections. The museum contains more than 240,000 pieces of work from over the past 2,000 years. The majority of pieces are from medieval times, the Renaissance, ancient world, and modern-day. This attraction also showcases a complete 14th-century Buddhist temple along with an outdoor sculpture garden. With so many exhibits to see, expect to spend the whole day exploring the halls of this spectacular gallery. As your absorbing all the gallery has to offer, stop at the espresso bar for a quick pick me up and the museum store for a souvenir on your way out.

The Franklin Institute Science Museum

When arriving at the Franklin Institute, you’ll want to plan your day accordingly. With all the exhibits and experiences you’ll have to choose from, there will be tons of attractions to indulge in. Visit the tech studio where there are several demonstrations on technology, engineering, and design. Use critical thinking in one of the escape rooms where you’ll only have a certain amount of time with a series of clues to get out. Take a glimpse at the Foucault’s Pendulum and attend a live science show for an entertaining experience.

Would you like to spend more time exploring other museums in Center City Philly? Visit our top three museums of choice and submerge yourself in our countries history.

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