William Penn Landing Site

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Near the border of the Delaware River and Chester Creek, the William Penn Landing Site marks the site of one of Pennsylvania’s earliest monumental events. Etched on a small granite plaque, you’ll find information on the first disembarkment of the founder William Penn.

History Of The Landmark

The William Penn Landing Site monument in Chester, Pennsylvania, marks the site of William Penn’s first landing on the territory of Pennsylvania in October 1682.

From surviving a horrific smallpox epidemic on Penn’s ship to the discussion of territory boundaries with Maryland, Penn finally landed in the small town then known as Upland, which he quickly renamed to Chester after the name was proposed by a local resident of the town. Shortly after, he founded Philadlephia, the neighboring town to Chester, PA.

The Monument

The granite statue stands over five feet tall and the side facing inland has Penn’s coat of arms. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the landing, members of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Penn Club paid for the memorial. At the time of the celebration, a train was run from Philadelphia through Chester as a dedication for the memorial.

Interestingly enough, the actual location where Penn landed remains unclear. the landing site was presumed to be the beginning of Chester Creek, just a block shy from the park where to monument stands.

Since the historical landmark is located in a public park, guests are permitted to visit the monument any time of day.

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