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What makes Upper Darby so unique is its diversity, with over 100 ethnic cultures represented all over the township. Upper Darby is also known for its variety of landmarks, from the Tower Theatre music venue constructed in the 1920s to the historic underground railroads.


Before Upper Darby had been inhabited by settlers, it belonged to the Native American Lenape tribe for thousands of years. With a group from New Sweden, the first permanent European settlers came in late 1653. Shortly after, in 1655, the Dutch seized control of New Sweden, which was then annexed by England in October 1664 as part of England’s larger invasion of New Amsterdam. The area remained under the English monarchy rule until 1681 when it was granted to William Penn.

The district was designated as part of the municipality of Darby Township, in Chester County, upon Penn’s establishment of the colony of Pennsylvania the following year. On September 26, 1789, it became part of the eastern portion of that county, which was broken apart to become Delaware County.

Upper Darby was instrumental in the antislavery movement, reflecting the Quaker tradition of its early English settlers. Prior to 1830, at least one abolition society existed, and it sent a delegation of twelve notable men to the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society’s conference in Philadelphia in 1830.

Many homes in the neighborhood were Underground Railroad stations, including Hoodland, the home of abolitionist Thomas Pennock, which was later donated to the township’s public library and still contains the children’s library, which is attached to a much larger new facility that contains the Main Branch.

Arts & Culture

Upper Darby has a huge arts and culture community with tons of places to explore and discover up-and-coming artists, innovators, musicians, comedians, and performers. A few recommended places to visit when in town include:

  • The Tower Theatre
  • Upper Darby Art Gallery
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Upper Darby International Festival

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