Parks Near Personal Injury Lawyer In Media, Pennsylvania

This article is sponsored by the personal injury lawyer in Media, Pennsylvania, at Schuster Law, who urges friends and family to get outdoors and spend time at your local park. These two locations happen to be our legal team’s favorite, so we encourage you to check them out!

Rose Tree Park

Rose Tree Park is located in Upper Providence Township just north of Media, with over 120 acres of lush green landscape. The park has so many unique features for visitors to explore, like the dense woodlands, rolling hills, picnic areas, enchanting gazebo, and more unique traits. The park is a perfect destination for an array of outdoor activities like hiking, dog walking, photography, running, birdwatching, hosting events, and special occasions.

The Park is home to three prominent historical sites, the Leedom House, the Hunt Club, and the old Rose Tree Tavern. The old Rose Tree Tavern was built in 1737 and can be found on the National Registry of Historic Places. On the opposite side of the tavern, you can find the community garden that provides 118 garden plots for residents to rent out for a small fee.

Smedley Park

Smedley Park, named after Samuel L. Smedley, the founder of Delaware County’s Parks & Recreation Board, provides tons of park space to enjoy. Located between Media and Springfield, the park boasts 120 acres of land sprawled across with fields perfect for sports teams to get together.

The park’s landscaping offers shaded areas perfect for picnics, hiking trails, playgrounds for children, playing fields for sports, and unique bridges to walk over Crum Creek.

For more outdoor activities, check out our recommended golf course nearby and sign up for a membership that’ll provide you and your family with limitless entertainment and top-notch service.

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