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Milmont Park

The neighborhood of Milmont Park is part of the census-designated place, CDP, Folsom, and is located in Delaware County in the state of Pennsylvania. It helps to form the Ridley Township in addition to the neighboring community of Woodlyn. The town’s center is at the intersection of MacDade Boulevard and Milmont Avenue. Other roadways that cross through the neighborhood include Mt Vernon Avenue, Chester Avenue, Reese Street, and Haverford Road.


The area was used as a pathway by General George Washington and his troop of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Following the Battle of Brandywine, the soldiers camped along the roadways, and he stayed at the home of John McIlvain. The British Army was said to pass through the area but with less kindness to the residents, and the soldiers were known to rob from them.

The Milmont Fire Company was formed in 1919 and is made up of volunteers from the community. They serve the neighborhood and the surrounding areas of Ridley Township. Volunteers ranging in all ages are encouraged to join, such as:

  • cadets – ages 14 through 15 years old
  • junior firefighters – ages 16 through 18 years old
  • senior firefighters – ages 18 and up

Aside from fighting fires, the fire hall serves the community as a venue and bar. The hall can hold as many as 300 people during an event and can be rented for any occasion.


Home prices in the community average $276,563, while rent runs approximately $1,692 per month. The town’s vacancy rate is about 5.3%, which is lower than 72.0% of the other communities in the United States. Most of the homes were built before 1969. There are several apartment complexes throughout the area, even though it is mostly an owner-occupied neighborhood.

Several of the businesses in town for the residents to visit are along MacDade Boulevard, including:

  • Ashley Hunter’s Instant Auto Tags & Insurance
  • Affordable Dentures & Implants
  • Palmer Paint Company
  • Salvatore’s Barber Shop

Some of the dining options in the neighborhood include:

  • Big Daddy’z BBQ & Grill
  • Santino’s Tap & Table
  • Chef Jeff’s Hot Meals To Go
  • Philly Pretzel Factory


The population for the ZIP code of 19033 was 8,468 and included 3,073 households. The racial makeup of the greater area was the following:

  • 87.3% white
  • 5.4% Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.9% African American
  • 2.5% Asian
  • 0.6% two or more races
  • 1.2% other races

English is the main language spoke by 90.5% of the residents and 2.3% that speak Greek. Some of the ancestries found within the residential community include:

  • 40.8% Irish
  • 29.4% Italian
  • 17.1% German
  • 10.4% English
  • 3.1% Puerto Rican
  • 2.3% Greek

The median income per household in the community was $77,600. The breakdown of job types held by the residents included the following:

  • 41.1% executive, management, and professional
  • 21.5% clerical, assistant, and tech support
  • 19.6% manufacturing and laborer
  • 17.3% sales and service

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