Chiropractor Near Personal Injury Attorney In Media, Pa

This article is sponsored by the personal injury attorneys in Media, PA, from Schuster Law who are glad to be able to provide our most recommended chiropractic offices to visit in Media. 

Rehrig Chiropractic & Wellness Center

The Rehrig Chiropractic & Wellness Center has provided over 35 years of dedicated service to Media and their surrounding communities. They offer a wide variety of therapeutic chiropractic adjustment techniques, including chiropractic corrections using applied kinesiology methodology.

Three Phases of Chiropractic Care

The first phase of care is to reduce the symptoms that the patient comes in with. Whether they are minor or more severe, the team at Rehrig focuses on creating a chiropractic schedule that fits your needs.

During the second phase, the team focuses on correction and restorative adjustments such as stretches and exercises that’ll help speed up your healing process.

Once your body is healed, you enter phase three that includes routine checkups with your chiropractor to ensure your physical health stays in tip-top shape.

Rehrig Chiropractic & Wellness Care

200 East State Suite 104

Media, PA, 19063, US

(610) 566-9040

McCarrin Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center

At McCarrin Chiropractic, their goal is to provide the highest-quality health care with the use of the latest technology and methods of science.

The chiropractic team provides an expanded amount of services to their patients such as physical therapy, massage, decompression therapy, chiropractic care, strength training, and adjunctive therapy.

The team at McCarrin Chiropractic are committed to giving caring and efficient services to their patients, therefore, they hold close relationships to neighboring quality specialist and diagnostic facilities to ensure you receive the best care possible.

McCarrin Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center

436 E. Baltimore Avenue

Media, PA 19063

(610) 566-7424

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