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Beyond Cinema

Formerly known as the Prince Theater, the Philadelphia Film Center obtained its name in 2018. Since the 1920s, the theater hosted local movie premieres and has done so ever since.

The Film Society purchased the building in 2015 and made plans to revamp the theater and create a venue dedicated to the community of performing arts and film. The Philadelphia Film Society strives to stay committed to its mission to “create opportunities for diverse communities to experience film through initiatives that inspire, educate, challenge, and entertain.”

Today, the Philadelphia Film Center is most recognized in musical theater, dance, comedy, and film screenings. The contemporary performing arts venue located in Center City is also known for having the largest movie screen in Philadelphia.

The theater offers a list of film series to choose from, such as After Hours, Film Essentials, Made in USA, Non/Fiction, Philly Film Showcase, World View, Special Screenings, and more. Select what genre interests you and choose from a list of available films to purchase tickets online.

 Film Festival

 Annually, the film society hosts the celebrated Philadelphia Film Festival, which convenes over 25,000 devoted film enthusiasts and talented filmmakers for 11 days of cinematic brilliance.

The world-class film festival symbolizes a significant role in the cultural life of the city of Philadelphia. It showcases more than 100 films viewed by guests and the interactive community of film professionals and supporters.

Giving Back

The performing arts center is committed to engaging audiences of all ages through educational screenings, discussions, and more. Find several programs available online like Movies on the Block, a free seasonal screening program for Philly neighborhoods to enjoy films and activities.

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