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The neighborhood of Primos is in Upper Darby Township in the eastern region of Delaware County, in the state of Pennsylvania. Some neighboring towns are Aldan, Clifton Heights, Wyndom, and Holmes. The main roadways within the town are Oak Avenue, Secane Avenue, Bunting Lane, Merion Terrace, and Providence Road.

Early History

Prior to 1650, the area was inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans. The tribe was part of the Woodland culture that lived in birch bark homes and longhouses, common to the indigenous people. They farmed the land and grew crops that consisted of maize, beans, and winter squash.

In 1653, a group from New Sweden became the first European settlers in the area. The Dutch took control not too long after in 1655, followed by the English in 1664. In 1681 the region helped to make up the land granted to William Penn. Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania in 1682 and designated the different areas into Chester County. The section of Darby Township, with which Primos is located, was part of Chester County. It would not become part of Delaware County until 1789.

Railroad History

The town is home to the Primos station, which is a SEPTA Regional Rail station located at the intersection of Oak and Secane Avenues. It was initially a flag stop that was referred to as Oak Lane. The station has two platforms and was first electrified in 1928. It serves the Media/Elwyn Line, and in 2013 alone, it saw 398 alightings and 322 boardings on average each weekday. One pre-fabricated trailer serves as the office on one platform while the other has an open brick shelter. As many as 52 cars can park in the lot.


The neighborhood residents can attend the following schools:

  • Primos Elementary School – located on Bunting Lane
  • Aldan Elementary School – located on North Woodlawn Avenue
  • Holy Cross School – located on North Bishop Avenue
  • St Eugene’s School – located on South Oak Avenue
  • Our Lady of Fatima School – located on Fatima Drive
  • Our Lady of Angels Regional Catholic School – located on Franklin Avenue

Some of the restaurants within the community are as follows:

  • Cocco’s Pizza – located on Oak Avenue
  • Secane Pizza – located on Providence Road
  • Rose Bar & Kitchen – located on East Baltimore Avenue
  • Rose Bar & Kitchen – located on Baltimore Avenue
  • Stingers Restaurant & Bar – located on Providence Road


The average households are primarily middle-income, making it a moderate-income neighborhood. The top occupations held by the employed residents include:

  • 41.4% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 21.6% sales and service jobs
  • 18.8% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations
  • 18.3% manufacturing and laborer occupations

As many as 22.0% of the townspeople were born in countries other than the United States. Approximately 3.4% of the residents speak African languages, and 78.9% of the households speak English. Others speak Langs. of India. Some of the common ancestries within the community include:

  • 23.5% Irish
  • 15.9% Asian
  • 14.0% Italian
  • 9.2% German
  • 7.0% English

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