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The neighborhood of Sackville is a populated place within the Borough of Rose Valley in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Ridley Creek flows through the neighborhood that is just north of Crum Creek Manor. Some of the roadways that travel through the town are Brookhaven Road, East Knowlton Road, West Rose Valley Road, and Todmorden Drive. The neighborhood’s elevation is 141 feet.


The area is home to the historical Todmorden Mansion that was built in 1787 by Jacob Benninghove, a tobacconist from Philadelphia. Benninghove purchased the land after it was confiscated from the British loyalist Vernon family. He proceeded to construct a dam on Ridley Creek in order to water-powered his snuff mill. The mill, now referred to as Old Mill, is currently being used as the town hall.

In 1831, Samuel Bancroft bought the house and gave it the name Todmorden. In 1842, Bancroft lost the house to bankruptcy but was able to repurchase it in 1854, where he lived until 1889 and restarted his business, John Bancroft & Son. The mill was one of the largest woolen mills during the 1870s. Bancroft constructed tunnels and secret chambers throughout the house and property that were used during the Underground Railroad.


The residential town has very few businesses within the neighborhood, but just in the outskirts are the following:

  • Middleton Family Dentistry – located on South New Middleton Road
  • Media Pediatrics – located on Moore Road
  • ShopRite of Brookhaven – located on Edgmont Avenue

Some nearby places of worship include:

  • CrossPointe Church – located on East Knowlton Road
  • Congregation Beth Israel – located on South New Middleton Road


The racial makeup of the greater area includes the following:

  • 93.1% white 
  • 1.6% African American
  • 2.1% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.1% Native American
  • 2.8% Asian
  • 0.0% Pacific Islander
  • 0.5% other races
  • 1.8% two or more races

Some ancestries that the residents commonly identify with include:

  • Irish
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish

The area’s per capita was $93,160 in 2018, which equates to approximately $372,640 for a family of four. As many as 80.06% of the adult residents have a college degree. The most common occupations found within the neighborhood’s workforce include:

  • 18.62% management occupations
  • 15.86% business and financial professions
  • 12.64% healthcare jobs

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