This page on the top restaurants in the capital city of Pennsylvania is brought to you by the worker’s comp attorneys in Philly of the Schuster law offices.

The city of Philadelphia is known for its rich historic past, but those who live here know exactly why it’s so great – the food. Philly features some of the best restaurants in the northeast, a couple of which we’ve picked out and highlighted on this page.

The Dandelion

The Dandelion is a London-borne gastropub located at 18th and Sansom in Center City, Philadelphia. The scene inside is described as a cozy and intimate bar which make you feel as if you’ve traveled to the old world.

Much like the ambiance, the food is likewise traditional, deriving directly from British seasonal plates. They’ve also got a wide selection of equally traditional beers which themselves are always on rotation depending on the time of year.

Perhaps most proper to enjoy at The Dandelion is an afternoon tea service, it is a British pub after all, or those looking for a more hearty plate can swing by on Sunday, when family-style meals, namely roasts, are served.

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El Vez

The city of Philadelphia possesses a significant Mexican influence which has made it a hub for recognized and authentic Mexican restaurants. And if you’re in Center City Philly, there’s really only one place you should go: El Vez on 13th and Sansom St.

El Vez can be described as contemporary with its modern offerings of mahi tacos along with the more traditional carne asada tostadas and pozoles. The setting once inside is, much like the food itself, quite modern without missing the influence of its roots.

Perhaps most notably, El Vez is known by the locals as a perfect spot to grab a drink or meet up with friends after work. It’s also in the heart of downtown, which means you can just as easily go somewhere else if your night is only starting.

El Vez has been publicly acclaimed for its helpful and attentive staff, as well as for having a great atmosphere, day or night. In turn, this has allowed it to be named as one of Center City Philadelphia’s best restaurants, and why we’ve included it on our list.

Green Eggs Café

The Green Eggs Café in downtown Philly is an American style restaurant located on 13th Street just north of Locust St. While their main focus is on breakfast and brunch offerings, like the best breakfast place in the country, they’ve also got some other options that at first seem more appropriate for a dinner menu.

Some examples of these include their buffalo chicken mac and cheese, as well as their smokehouse burger and egg rolls. We’re mentioning the outliers here but, of course, the Green Eggs Café is the perfect spot for a great breakfast.

The location on 13th street is open every day of the week, starting at 8AM until 4PM, a schedule that ensures that the early crowd, as well as the afternoon crowd, can get their fill of their beloved plates.

Last But Not Least…

While it’s not technically a single restaurant or locale, the Reading Terminal Market bears a mention when discussing the city’s best gastronomy. Its an indoor-style of market where countless vendors can be found inside selling all different wares. Delicious food is abundant, and if you’re looking to get a bite of numerous different cuisines, this is the perfect plate to do so.

While we’ve presented some of the city’s best kept dining secrets on this page, there are endless more options out there to discover, all of which have earned the city of Philadelphia the title of foodie’s paradise. If you’re anything like the workers comp attorneys in Philly at Schuster Law, then you’d be more than happy to live here!