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Center City Philadelphia is a metropolitan hub that is known for many things including its historic buildings, great restaurants, hospitals, best workplaces, and of course, public parks. The city is also home to some of the best performance centers in the nation, a couple of which we bring to you on this page. Keep scrolling to read them all!

The Walnut Street Theatre

Founded in 1809 and located at 825 Walnut St, the Walnut Street Theatre is the United States’ oldest theater. It has also been crowned at the official theater of the State of Pennsylvania, as well as being recognized as a historic landmark. The Theatre also boasts another record; with fifty thousands season ticket owners, it is also the theater with the most subscribed visitors in the entire world.

The Theatre can be reached by bus, car, walking, or SEPTA and whichever way you choose, it is easily accessible due to its convenient location in Center city Philadelphia as well as nearby public parking lots and train stations.

Those looking to purchase tickets to the Walnut Street Theatre can visit the Box office on Mondays through Saturday from 10AM to 6PM, though the hours can vary if there is a performance on the date or not. In this modern day and age, tickets may also be ordered via their website, as well as by phone.

Most interestingly, those wishing to get a glimpse of the inside without making the trip can visit their online site and do a virtual tour. It’s similar to using google Maps, except it’s inside the theater. A pretty cool and progressive feature for the oldest Threatre in the country!

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The Wilma Theater

A much younger establishment than our previous feature, the Wilma Theater, located at 265 S Broad Street, was estbalished in 1973.

From the beginning the mission of the Wilma was to create original productions and develop, as well as put on display, the local talent that the city of Philly had to offer. What better stage to do so than the heart of the capital, Center City Philadelphia?

More involved than a regular theater, the Wilma Theater also offers either free or cheap discussions after the productions are over. Through these, the participants are able to openly discuss and explore the concepts and themes relevant to the the production that they were just witness to. For those that already have a deep appreciation for the arts, as well as those who are just starting to get in touch, this is undoubtedly an entertaining opportunity.

The Wilma also offers programs they call Wilma Education, which include pre-show workshops, backstage tours, and classroom residencies, all of which include plenty of exposure to the performers themselves. Indeed, through these educational initiatives and through their performances, the Theater hopes to nurture the audience, pushing them to reflect on modern life and experience.

Naturally, tickets for Wilma Theater productions can be purchased online, though no public information mentions a box office. Nevertheless, their online platform is rather intuitive and easy to use, encouraging all to visit at least once and get a taste for the exciting shows that Philadelphia’s home-grown entertainers can provide.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve gotten a taste for what Center City Philadelphia’s theater selection looks like, make sure to check them out yourself. Whether you’re a local or in town for the first time, either one of the highlighted theaters, both of which are favorites of the Schuster Law team, the best workers comp attorneys in Philadelphia.