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Garden City

Garden City is a community found in Nether Providence Township located in the central region of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Ridley Creek forms the southern border to the community, and Providence Avenue creates the eastern edge. Hastings Avenue separates it from Crum Creek Manor. The major roadways in the area are Chestnut Parkway, Providence Avenue, Media Parkway, and Harvey Road.


The area was first home to the Lenape tribe of Native American Indians. Prior to William Penn settling in the area, John Sharpless arrived in 1682. Penn would go on to give Sharpless one thousand acres. Wolley Stille, or the Joseph Sharpless House, is located with Garden City off of Harvey Road. Some sections of the house date back to before 1700 but one addition was built in 1751 and another in 1916.

Route 252 or Providence Avenue would be constructed through the area in 1683 and was called Providence Great Road. The community went through several transitions over the years:

  • farming
  • manufacturing
  • resort town
  • residential community

With the nearby creeks, Ridley and Crum Creek, the Nether Providence Township area would become home to fourteen mills. After the Civil War, the area was used as a summer retreat for the wealthy families from Philadelphia.

The Garden City area blossomed into the residential community that is now in response to the World War II veterans that returned during the 1940s. Developers designed ranch-style houses along with tracts of row houses to accommodate the growing population. The neighborhood saw an increase of 62.7% from 1940 to 1950, followed by an increase of 68.2% from 1950 to 1960.

The Garden City Fire Company was established in 1944. Along with the South Media Fire Company, they serve the surrounding communities, including:

  • Rose Valley Borough
  • Crum Creek Manor
  • Avondale
  • Sackville


The area is home to predominantly white-collar residents. The annual income per household in the greater region was $68,059, and for families, the median income was $78,491 in 2010. The majority of the population has at least a four-year college degree. As many as 7.55% of the working adults work from home rather than traveling to work each day. The occupational breakdown is the following:

  • 18.62% executive or management positions
  • 15.86% financial or business occupations
  • 12.64% healthcare or medical roles

Places of Worship

Within the city are many religious establishments; some of these include the following:

  • The Foundry Church – located on Harvey Road
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church – located on South Providence Road
  • Grace Bible Fellowship Church – located on South Providence Road
  • St. John Chrysostom Catholic Church – located on South Providence Road


By including our highlighted community, the Nether Providence Township population was 13,456 in 2010 and consisted of 5,007 households and 3,755 families. Spanish and Chinese are languages spoken by the citizens in addition to English. The racial makeup of the communities was the following:

  • 90.08% white
  • 6.12% African American
  • 1.13% Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.34% Asian
  • 0.10% Native American
  • 0.04% Pacific Islander
  • 0.27% other races
  • 1.06% two or more races

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