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The personal injury attorneys in Crum Lynne, PA at Schuster Law would like to present the following details about the neighborhood’s history.

Crum Lynne

Crum Lynne is an unincorporated community situated within the southeastern section of Pennsylvania, in Delaware County. Along with the neighboring communities such as Woodlyn, Holmes, and Folsom, it helps form the Ridley Township. The Delaware Expressway and Chester Pike intersect near the center of the town. Crum Creek flows along the southern edge before it dumps into Darby Creek.


The town was originally known as Leiperville, named after prominent landowner Thomas Leiper. Leiper was born in Scotland in 1745 and immigrated to America in 1763 to join his brother. After being introduced to the tobacco industry, he opened his own shop. He became the major provider in the state during the Revolutionary War. He purchased land in the present-day Crum Creek in 1776. The land included a waterfall and a mill that Leiper turned into a snuff mill before purchasing a stone quarry. Leiper’s businesses were quite successful, and he purchased 728 acres within the area.

Leiperville was renamed Crum Lynne in 1870, after the lake with the waterfall, Crum Lake. However, the lake would later become known as Ridley Lake.

In 1906, James F. Dougherty opened the Colonial Hotel on Chester Pike. Dougherty had an extensive history in sports but mainly had a love for boxing. Within the hotel, many well-known boxers would train. He was known as the Baron of Leiperville for his boxing influence in the community. Dougherty also contributed to the formation of the first fire department in 1908, the James F. Dougherty Fire Company.

Diverse Heritage

The area has a large population of Polish, Romanian and Greek residents that keep the Ukrainian heritage strong. The Ukrainian Baptist Church, established in 1910, offers the community sermons in both Ukrainian and Russian, in addition to their live English translation.


English is the most prominently spoken language among the residents, but some 1.3% speak Greek, and 2.8% speak Polish. The following is the ancestral makeup of the area:

  • 31.9% Irish
  • 25.5% Italian
  • 17.1% German
  • 5.4% English
  • 4.0% Polish
  • 3.6% Romanian

The area’s median household income was $45,918 and $54,581 for a family income in 2010. The breakdown of working residents by occupation was the following:

  • 37.1% executive, management, or professional positions
  • 22.0% sales or service jobs
  • 21.6% clerical, assistant, or technical support roles
  • 19.4% manufacturing or laborer professions

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