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Fitler Square Before The Arrival Of The Europeans

Long before any European set foot on American shores, the Lenape tribe lived on the land that is now called Fitler Square. The tribe built temporary villages and moved all over the East Coast, following the seasons and living off the land.

When the Dutch, Swedish, and English arrived in the early 1600s, the Lenape traded with the Europeans for the land.

The Founding Of Philadelphia & Construction Of Fitler Square

William Penn was given a piece of land by King Charles II. This land was a way for the King to pay off debts owed to Penn’s father. After exploring the land that he was given, Penn founded Philadelphia with a group of Quakers. Over time, the city grew.

Street in Fitler Square near workers' comp law firm. The neighborhood that is now called Fitler Square almost immediately used for shipbuilding and brick making because of its proximity to the water. This continued through the American Revolution.

However, by the 1800s, new designs had made ships larger and heavier, making that portion of the Schuylkill River and its shallow waters unwanted and less profitable. This, coupled with new docks above Port Richmond, resulted in the decline of business in the area and a transition into a residential area.

With this transition came the construction of several green areas in the late 1800s, including the actual Fitler Square from which the neighborhood gets its name. This park was named after Edwin H. Fitler, a former Philadelphia mayor who was well-loved.

Today, Fitler Square is home to thousands of residents who love that they can take a short walk to Center City. The neighborhood has wonderful restaurants, parks, and one of the best dog parks in the city!

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