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Often compared to its close neighbor, NYC, the city of brotherly love is often overshadowed when considering some of the largest companies in the nation. Nevertheless, more than a couple large industries call Philly their home, and we’ve discussed them on this page.

Aramark Corporation

Aramark Corp, or Aramark for short, is a publicly-traded American corporation with a significant presence in the uniform, food service, and facilities industries spanning across multiple areas which include:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Corrections
  • Leisure

Although the headquarters of Aramark is located in Center City Philadelphia, the company also operates across 20 countries which include Canada, the UK, Spain, Ireland, Germany, the Philippines, and more.

Originally founded in 1936, the earliest years of Aramark dealt with providing services to employees of aviation plants in the southern parts of California. At first, the company’s name was Davidson Brothers but this would change after some decades, first to Automatic Retailers of America (ARA) and later to the contemporary Aramark.

In the modern day, Aramark’s products have a very extensive reach, from making the scrubs of surgeons and nurses, to providing food for school lunches and even stocking stands at stadiums of America’s favorite pastime – baseball.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Children’s Hospital of Philly, also known as the CHOP, was the nation’s first hospital dealing exclusively with providing medical attention to children. Founded in 1855, the CHOP has served as the support and foundation for countless medical breakthroughs as well as many firsts in pediatrics.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia makes it their mission to provide safe, advanced, family-centered medical care to every one of its patients. Through this ethos, they’ve fostered medical innovations that have advanced the field of pediatrics and saved the lives of innumerable children. The CHOP’s reputation is such that families from around the world put their trust in the hands of the CHOP’s specialists when it comes to the care of that which they love and treasure the most – their children.

The CHOP also believes that community plays an integral role in the lives of kids. For this reason, they are constantly involved in and promote many activities for children through the local County of Philadelphia region. Some of their most renowned programs include:

  • Adolescent HIV Initiative
  • Reach Out and Read
  • Youth Heart Watch
  • Homeless Health Initiative

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Temple University

Temple University is a public university that focuses heavily on research. Originally founded in 1884 by Russell Conwell, the university first achieved its institutional status in 1907.

Temple is one the world’s biggest providers of education for professional tracks which include law, podiatry, medicine, pharmacy, architecture, and dentistry. It also is recognized for preparing the largest number of professional practitioners in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Temple University has campuses in Center City Phila as well as Rome and Tokio, and is estimated to have more than 300,000 total alumni across 50 countries worldwide.

Temple’s symbol (and mascot) is the owl,  a ‘mascot’ that has been with the school since the very beginning. The first students of the school, before it was an established university, were in fact taking classes at night, essentially making them “night owls”. Evidently this moniker stuck, and though the owl symbol has been adopted by plenty of other schools and universities, it is the Temple Owl. Victor T. Owl, who was the first of them all.

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Schuster Law’s worker’s comp lawyers Philadelphia, PA are big admirers of Temple themselves, as for many of their cases, they’ve worked with experts, many of which attended Temple in some capacity, whether for undergraduate or graduate programs.