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In both Korea and America, Dr. Philip Jaisohn was a visionary, a doctor, and a freedom activist. He was the first Korean to become a naturalized citizen and the first to receive a medical degree in America. His work has been idolized amongst many and continues to inspire those who admire his work.

Dr. Philip Jaisohn published his first Korean newspaper named, “The Independent,” in 1896 and has since continued to educate the general public in Korea and America. Eight physicians in the Media area were inspired by his life-long work and decided to create the Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation in 1975. The foundation’s purpose is to provide medical services to new incoming immigrants.

The Philip Jaisohn House

The foundation’s headquarters is based in The Jaisohn Memorial House, located in Media, PA, which belonged to Dr. Jaisohn and his family for 25 years. From his home, he practiced medicine and continued his writing as an advocate for Korean independence. Not only was he a renowned Doctor, but also a husband, father, friendly neighbor, and educator.

The Jaisohn Memorial House, designed in an elegant Federalist style in red brick, is relatively small and sits on a slight hill overlooking a natural reserve that was given to the borough of Media by his daughter Muriel, upon her death.

Today, several historic artifacts, documents, and relics are displayed in the Philip Jaisohn Memorial House and are open to the public. The Foundation invites guests who wish to see the display inside the house as well as wander through the nearby garden.

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