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The neighborhood of Addingham is located within the southwest section of Drexel Hill in Upper Darby. It is part of Delaware Count in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania. Neighboring communities include Westbrook Park, Springfield, Wyndom, Rutledge, and Aldan. Darby Creek flows along the southern border of the community. A few of the roadways within the neighborhood are Bloomfield Avenue, Rosemont Avenue, School Lane, and Garrett Road.


The main roadway through the community is Garrett Road, named after Quaker Thomas Garrett. Garrett was an American abolitionist and leader in the Underground Railroad movement even before the Civil War. This led to him dealing with threats, assaults, and constant harassment. So much that a $10,000 bounty was issued on his behalf. He is credited for helping over 2,500 African Americans escape the slave trade.

In the south end of the neighborhood is the Lower Swedish Cabin. This log cabin is the last of its kind and is situated on Darby Creek. It was constructed by some of the early Swedish settlers that arrived around 1638 and is projected to have been built before 1650. During the early 1900s, many films were made by Siegmund Lubin on the site. Until 1937 the cabin was a private residence, but it became the property of the Upper Darby Township.


The community is home to 31.6% of its real estate consisting of row houses. This is a higher proportion of attached homes than any neighborhood in America. The average price of a home is $216,830, which is more expensive than 58.2% of other areas in the state. The cost of rent is approximately $1,369, which is higher than 61.8% of other communities in the state.

The neighborhood has a few parks for the residents to enjoy, one of which is Huey Park, located on Huey Avenue. The park is on Darby Creek and offers the residents a gated playground perfect for children of all ages to enjoy. There is a basketball court in the center and shaded benches. Other nearby parks include:

  • Indian Rock Park
  • Gillespie Park
  • Scullion Park


Public schools the residents can attend are part of the Upper Darby School District. Some of them include:

  • Garrettford Elementary School
  • Charles Kelly Elementary School
  • Drexel Hill Middle School
  • Upper Darby Senior High School

Some private and preschool educational institutes include:

  • Delco Early Learning Center
  • ABC Land Pre-School & Daycare
  • LifeWorks Schools at Rockbourne Falls
  • St Eugene’s School


The households in the neighborhood are primarily upper-middle income, making it an above-average income community. Some of the occupations the working population represents include:

  • 45.1% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 19.4% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations
  • 17.8% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 17.7% sales and service jobs

The most common language spoken in the neighborhood is English, spoken by 87.6% of the residents. As many as 2.7% of its residents speak Portuguese while others speak Spanish. The townspeople commonly identify their ancestry as the following:

  • 21.0% Irish
  • 20.5% German
  • 18.6% Italian
  • 7.6% English
  • 3.3% Sub-Saharan African

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