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Chester Creek & Trail

 With phase one of two, opening to the public in 2016, this approximately 3-mile long trail has been a fundamental addition to Delaware County.  The trail follows the creek along the Civil War-era Chester Creek Branch line of the Pennsylvania Railroad.


Created to provide transportation through south and central Delaware County, the Chester Creek Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad begin transporting residents in the late 1860s.

Running parallel to the Chester Creek, the railroad was a vital economic link for passengers traveling from mills, warehouses, and factories from surrounding cities. Through several decades of economic growth and advanced means of transportation, the railroad was no longer needed and permanently closed in 1972 after severe flood damage caused by Hurricane

Agnes. In the early 1990s, a resident saw the potential for the line to turn into a trail. After several meetings with local officials and many donations received, construction began in 2015 and completed phase one in December 2016. Phase two is in progress and has an estimated timeline to be completed in 2021.

Trail Access

Trailheads can be found off Lenni Road in Lenni and Knowlton Road in Middletown Township.

It offers a safe place for the community to enjoy going on a stroll with friends and family along the paved trail, parallel to the creek. The well maintained, scenic path is relatively flat, so it’s perfect for all levels of exercise. Bicyclists are also welcome on the trail, so watch out for pedestrians.

Volunteer & Mural Project

Chester Creek is always accepting volunteers to help with trail maintenance and safety precautions. Lend your support by signing up on their online form and giving back to the community for others to enjoy the local attraction.

Nationally recognized artist, Jay Walker, is an Aston-based artist who creates tape installations, mixed media painting/drawings, and carved sculptures. The Friends of Chester Creek Branch and the Rockdale Arts District have started a new collaboration project with Walker to create a 450-foot long mural for visitors to appreciate, beginning Spring 2020.

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