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Chester Plaza

The area of Chester Plaza is located in the southeastern section of Aston Township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Some of the nearby towns are Green Ridge, Village Green, Aston Arms, Chester Township, and Upland. Concord Road travels through the community along with Dutton Mill Road, Chester Creek Road, and Bridgewater Road. Chester Creek helps form the eastern border, and Baldwin Run creates the southern edge.


In 1842, an act was passed annexing part of Aston lying just south of Stoney Bank Churchyard and as you go east and west from Chester Creek to Concord Township.
There were many mills along Chester Creek during the early 19th century. Some of these included:

  • Peters Grist and Saw Mill -located on the west branch of Chester Creek near the Concord Township line
  • Tyson’s Mill – also known as Llewelyn Mills or Rhodes Mill
  • Old Forge at Rockdale – today is known as Kings Mill Caterer
  • Thatcher’s Tilt Mill – located near Wawa station
  • Lenni Mills – located on Lenni Road and became Aldon Rug Mill
  • Crozerville Mills – located at the bottom of Hollow Hill and was later known as Yorkshire Worsted Mill, but today is Container Research
  • West Branch Mills – operated by Victoria Plush Mill and
  • Aldon Rug Mill – which is now the Rockdale Industrial Center


The community has a lot to offer its residents. For family fun, there are the following places of interest:

  • Bette’s Family Fun Center – located on Dutton Mill Road
  • Victory Kickboxing – located on Concord Road
  • Brookhaven Swim Club – located on Chester Creek Road
  • Bridgewater Farms Park – located on Bent Lane
  • Concord Dance Center – located on Dutton Mill Road

The area has many educational institutes for the residents to attend. Some of these include:

  • Sun Valley High School – located on Pancoast Avenue
  • Northley Middle School – located on Concord Road
  • Aston Presbyterian Church Daycare – located on Baldwin Run Lane

Many of the dining options are located along Concord Road, including:

  • Pappone’s Pizzeria
  • Cocco’s Pizza Aston
  • John’s Corner Dell


As many as 18.6% of the residents above the age of five years old speak Italian as their first language. Residents commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as the following:

  • 36.2% Irish
  • 27.1% German
  • 19.9% Italian
  • 7.5% English
  • 7.1% Polish

The residents in the neighborhood are primarily upper-middle income, making the area an above-average income neighborhood. The working-class residents can be broken down as follows:

  • 35.0% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 27.3% sales and service positions
  • 19.1% clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations
  • 18.6% manufacturing and laborer jobs

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