The Rose Valley Museum

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The personal injury lawyers in Media, Pennsylvania, have sponsored this article on The Rose Valley Museum to provide some historical facts about the city of Rose Valley for you to enjoy. 

History Of Rose Valley

For those who are unfamiliar with Rose Valley, its located on the outskirts of Media, Pennsylvania, secluded with a small surrounding of homes. If you drive through, you’ll notice no gas station, no sidewalks, no convenience stores.

There are hidden lanes and private driveways on either side of the main road that travels through Rose Valley, but nothing that would spark curiosity in someone passing through. Surprisingly, this layout was designed for a reason by one man, William Lightfoot Price.

During the Arts & Crafts Movement in the 1800s, Will Price became a leading figure in the social movement. In Overbrook, PA, their home became the hub where groups would gather to discuss economics, social justice, and art.

Will Price bought eighty acres of land around what had been Rose Valley Mills in 1901 and then started to plan and create a modern city based on the Arts and Crafts movement principles. Based on those principles, Rose Valley was modeled after a utopian English village nicknamed “News from Nowhere.”

Thunderbird Lodge

Thunderbird Lodge brings historical and architectural significance to Rose Valley and is the location that holds the museum’s collection. Originally built in the late 1700s, Will Price renovated it and turned it into a studio for artists Charles H. and Alice Barber Stephens.

On display, you’ll discover an assortment of pieces of art from the Arts & Crafts Movement, from both artists mentioned above, including William P. Jervis and Wharton Esherick.

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