History Of Brookhaven

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This article is sponsored by the personal injury lawyers in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, to educate those interested in the history of this colonial city. 

This small borough is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Originally belonging to King Charles II of England, Brookhaven was part of a land grant given to William Penn in 1681. 

The Lenni-Lenape Indians were the original owners and inhabitants of the land, so the proprietor had to negotiate to divide the land into municipal districts. Chester Township, one of the districts, is where Brookhaven was included. 

The region was dependent on a farming and dairy economy for about two hundred and fifty years, as well as on two thriving mill businesses spanning both Chester Creek and Ridley Creek.

At the start of the 20th century, the community attracted a large number of doctors and lawyers, as a popular place for Sunday outings amongst residents. 

By the 1900s, several large stock farms were thriving and Brookhaven mills were they boroughs most distinguished commercial activity. Around that time period, the second gristmill was established by Thomas Coebourn, which challenged the monopoly vested in the Caleb Pusey Mill by William Penn. 

In 1945, the trolley tracks that once transported residents from Chester through Edgmont Avenue had been removed and transformed into a road for automotive vehicles as they grew in popularity.

Brookhaven has grown quite rapidly in the last fifty years from a dairy and stock farm economy to a suburban city of 8,000 people living in over 3,600 houses, apartments, and condominiums and supporting over 150 businesses.

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