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The dog bite attorneys in West Ridley Park, PA, at Schuster Law, have shared the following details about the community and its history.

West Ridley Park

The small neighborhood is part of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It is located to the west of Ridley Park and to the east of Woodlyn. The main roadways include Hillside Road, Crum Lynne Road, and West Ridley Avenue.


The Lenni-Lenape and the Okehocking Native American tribes were the first to inhabit the area. They created the pathways that helped design the locations of the current road systems, such as Chester Pike. The road was made wider by William Penn and known as the Queen’s Highway. It ran from Darby to Chester before reaching Philadelphia in 1715. It played an integral part in the Revolutionary War as it offered a direct pathway used by General George Washington as they traveled to confront the British at Brandywine in 1777.

The Ridley Park community was founded and developed by Isaac Hinckley in 1871. At the time, he served as the president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad. Hinckley hired a landscape architect, Robert Copeland, and began developing the first residential community in Delaware County.  With the addition of the 20-acre lake, Ridley Park Lake, it quickly became a highly sought-after area for rich Philadelphians.

In 1872 Hinckley’s dream to build a railroad suburb came true as the first passenger cars began to stop in the area. The railroad brought growth to the city, and soon a hotel was built. Even today, 6.9% of the current working residents take the train to and from work.


The average home price in the neighborhood is $268,859 and runs more than 74.3% of other neighborhoods in the state. Rent is also higher than 60.1% of other areas in Pennsylvania and is approximately $1,261 per month. Most of the homes were built before 1940, and there are more single-family and townhome structures than apartments. However, the Knightsbridge Apartments are smaller apartment buildings that serve the community with rental options.

The public schools that the community children attend include the following:

  • Lakeview Elementary School
  • Ridley Middle School
  • Ridley High School

Some private schools offered to the residents include:

  • Our Lady of Peace Private School
  • Woodlyn Christian Private School
  • Widener Partnership Charter School

The area is home to East Lake Park. In the park is a lake that the Little Crum Creek forms before it runs off into the man-made Ridley Park Lake.


In addition to the neighboring area, the population was 7,002 in 2010, which was a decrease of 2.7% from 2000. The area’s population has slowly been decreasing since 1970. The racial makeup of the communities residents was the following:

  • 95.3% white
  • 2.0% African American
  • 1.4% Hispanic or Latino
  • 1.2% Asian
  • 0.1% Native American
  • 0.0% Pacific Islander
  • 0.3% other races
  • 1.1%two or more races

The area is home to a large population that are Irish and Italian descendants. The ancestral breakdown of the area is the following:

  • 38.9% Irish
  • 28.1% Italian
  • 18.1% German
  • 7.5% English
  • 7.4% Polish

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