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Rose Valley

The borough of Rose Valley is located in the central region of Delaware County in the state of Pennsylvania. It takes up 467.2 acres.


The area was the dwelling spot for the Lenni Lenape Native American tribe. They used the Great Minquas Path as a major trade route through the area. In 1682, the area was settled by three Quaker farmers. The farmers, brothers of William Penn, acquired the 900-acre area that became the borough and the Nether Providence Township.

Architect Will Price designed the town as a community of artists.

Historical Landmarks

One of the historical homes that were built prior to 1700 belonged to Robert Vernon. The house was known to hold monthly Quaker meetings.

Another historical house is known as the Bishop White House, which Vernon may have built in 1695. Bishop William White was the first bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. He stayed with his family in the house during the 1793 yellow fever epidemic.

The Thunderbird Lodge, which is located on Rose Valley Road, was a converted barn built around 1790. Will Price redesigned the stone barn into a fieldstone-and-stucco house which including a three-story octagonal stair tower. The staircase tower joined the wings and led to all five levels. The structure sits on a 1.6-acre property next to a historical Great Minquas Path section.


The community is home to the Hedgerow Theatre, located just north of Old Mill Lane and south of the Rose Valley Museum. Formerly a grist mill, the 100-seat theatre was established in 1923 by Artistic Director Jasper Deeter in response to the artistic movement in the community. In addition to the performances by global artists, the theatre offers the following to the community:

  • theater school
  • educational outreach
  • touring programs
  • technical training
  • theater management


The borough’s population was 913 in 2010, a decrease from 944 in 2000. It has seen a steady decline in population over the last 30 years but is projected to increase. The racial makeup of the community was the following:

  • 93.1% white 
  • 1.6% African American
  • 2.1% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.1% Native American
  • 2.8% Asian
  • 0.00% Pacific Islander
  • 0.5% other races
  • 1.8% two or more races

The average income for the borough was $114,373, and for a family, the income averaged $118,637. The median income for men was $91,184, while women brought in an average of $47,031 per year. The following is a breakdown of the common occupations held by the residents:

  • 18.62% management positions
  • 15.86% business and financial professions
  • 12.64% healthcare occupations

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