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Secane is an unincorporated community located in both the Township of Ridley and Upper Darby Township. The town is situated in the southeastern section of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Springfield and Clifton Heights are to the community’s north, and Wyndom and Morton are to the south. The intersection of Providence Road and South Avenue is at the town’s center and is where the Secane Station is found. The Muckinipattis Creek begins in the region and runs south through the town before connecting with Darby Creek.


Before William Penn purchased the land in 1683, the area was inhabited by the Algonquin-speaking North American Indian tribe. The Unami chiefs Icquoquehan and Secane, how the town was named, were the leaders of the area. The tribes were mainly hunters and fishermen, but they also grew corn, beans, and squash. They were battling the Iroquois Confederacy at the time the Europeans settled into the region.

During the Revolutionary War, the community served as a pathway for the Continental and British Armies. General George Washington led his soldiers through on his journey to Wilmington.

Due to the community’s Quaker history, it was no wonder that it aided in support of the Underground Railroad. Many homes throughout the area, extending throughout Upper Darby Township, were opened for stops on the anti-slavery path.


The residential areas were designed using the typical cul-de-sac street pattern that was popular post World War II. Four large apartment complexes circle the town’s center. These include:

  • Laurel Manor Apartments
  • Providence Manor Apartments
  • Bishop Hill Apartments
  • Oak Manor Apartments

Single-family homes surround the circle of apartments. The town’s center consists of retail and restaurants, such as:

  • Secane Station Barber Shop
  • Secane Indian Grocery (SIG)
  • Imperial Pizza
  • Joseph Paige Auto Services


The neighborhood’s population was 23,445 and included 11,393 men and 12,052 women. The median age of the townspeople was 37.6 years old. As many as 22.0% of the citizens were born in countries outside of the United States. English is the most predominantly spoken language, but 3.4% speak African. Some of the common ancestries found in the community include:

  • 23.5% Irish
  • 15.9% Asian
  • 14.0% Italian
  • 9.2% German
  • 7.0% English

The average income for a household in 2010 was $45,918, and for a family, it was $54,581. The occupational breakdown of the working residents was the following:

  • 41.4% executive, management, and professional occupations
  • 21.6% sales and service jobs
  • 18.8% clerical, assistant, and technical support roles
  • 18.3% manufacturing and laborer positions

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