This article on the top-rated chiropractors in Center City Philadelphia is brought to you by the Philly worker’s comp lawyers of Schuster Law.

Known colloquially as the city of brotherly love, the capital of Pennsylvania is also home to some of the best chiropractors in the nation. We’ve previous discussed the largest employers in Center City Philly, and today we’re covering one of the classes of health providers which often go unmentioned. Nevertheless, only those who have visited a chiropractor or other type of pain management specialist really understand how much relief they can bring.

Whether the pain is caused by a workplace injury, or maybe it came with the onset age, the following chiropractors of the county of Philadelphia will surely be able to help.

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Advanced Chiropractic of Philadelphia

The Advanced Chiropractic of Philadelphia center City location is renowned for resolving the aches and pains that their clients come in with as quickly as possible. In fact, the practitioners of Advanced Chiropractic as a whole believe that their patients should spend as little time as possible with them. Not because they don’t enjoy their company and healing their ailments, but because any time a client is not with their doctor, then it is likely that their pain and suffering has resolved!

Some of the conditions that the specialists at the ACoP treat include vertigo, shoulder/arm pain, leg pains, RLS, headaches, and fibromyalgia, among others. To treat these, the team employs multiple chirpractic techniques which include gonstead, SOT, activator, the Thompson drop table, spinal decomps, massging of deep tissue, the Graston Technique, and many others.

Perhaps most important for those looking for a top-rated chiropractic in Philly is the fact that ACoP sees every single one of their walk in patients immediately; this is to say, those experiencing pain and in need of urgent treatment don’t have to wait days or weeks for an appointment.

Advanced Chiropractic of Phila is located at 1518 Walnut St though they also offer office and home visits for those individuals who are in Center City or Old City Philadelphia.

Dr. Paul Rubin’s Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Dr. Paul Rubin is the main health provider at Philadelphia Chiropractic, which can be found at 1420 Walnut Street Suite #1404. Dr. Rubin’s passion for easing pain and rehabilitating patients is one he has nurtured since he was a child, and which has led him to achieve much success as a chiropractor.

He tells of how he was fascinated by the mind-body connection as well as the material he garnered in anatomy and physiology courses. In turn, this fascination led him down the healthcare path, and directly to Center City Philly where he sees a multitude of patients every day. Dr. Rubin obtained a BS in Psychology at SUNY Stonybrook, after which he studied chiropractic in Georgia, where he would achieve his Doctor of Chiropractic certification.

On a day-to-day basis, Dr. Rubin has expressed how much fulfillment he finds in caring for people with his own two hands, and how grateful he is that patients put in him the trust to make them feel better. Perhaps most notable in this modern age of advanced treatments a medications, Dr. Rubin emphasizes his holistic approach that involves more natural healing methods that avoid prescriptions pills or surgery whenever possible.

Those suffering from work injuries, auto accident pains, or even sports-related ailments can call Dr. Rubin’s office to make an appointment. Walk-ins are also permitted though as one can imagine, one may have to wait a significant amount if many other patients are also present for visits.

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