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The borough of Eddystone is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, with a small population of around 2,400, as stated in the 2010 census. Of the population, the racial diversity is broken into the following estimated statistics; 82% White, 11% African American, 4% Hispanic or Latino, 1% Asian, and less than 3% of other races.

As mentioned, there were about 2,400 residents in Eddystone as of the 2010 census, with about 960 households and 600 families. The average family income in the area is approximately $47,000, with the average household income being about $10,000 less.


The land where Eddystone sits was once called “Tequirassy” by the Native Americans that resided near the vicinity of Ridley Creek. In 1641, the Eddystone was owned by Olof Persson Stille, a New Sweden settler who immigrated to the land, who later became a judge on the first courthouse located on the Delaware River banks.

Eddystone took a bit longer to become incorporated due to having to file a petition that posed a challenge for the borough because of financial issues involving the township. After a challenging court case, the borough was successfully incorporated in December of 1888.

Eddystone was named after William Simpson, who was so taken with the Eddystone Lighthouse on a visit to England that he named the town after it.


Ridley School District has two schools, the Eddystone Elementary School and Ridley Middle School. Eddystone Elementary School stands where the old Eddystone High School used to be, which unfortunately burned down in 1960.

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