This article on the workplaces with the best ratings in Center City is brought to you by the Phila worker’s comp lawyers of Schuster law.

A city known for its landmarks and history as well as for its gastronomy, hospitals, chiropractors, higher education, and more, Philly is also home to some of the best employers in the nation. So, what’s the best workplace in the city of brotherly love? Keep reading to find out!

Comcast NBCUniversal

Comcast was ranked as the 56th best workplace in the country, which also makes it one of the top workplaces in Phila.

Most notably, those employed by Comcast in Philly noted how well they are treated and that they truly feel that the company cares for them. In surveys, current and long-term employees noted that leadership definitely demonstrates that they are concerned about everyone who is a part of their team. Leadership was also commended for nurturing the strong aspects of each worker’s personality and them applying those to help each individual team member progress and evolve in a track that fit their virtues the best.

Comcast is also recognized as providing a very collaborative environment for its employees, as well as generous benefits including. More specifically, the health care benefits as well as the allotted paid time off/vacation days were also highlighted as pluses that come with being employed at Comcast in Center City Phila.

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Power Home Remodeling

Power Home Remodeling achieved the number #7 spot in a list of large national companies considered to be the best workplaces for millennials in 2019. Given their HQ location in Philly, it only makes sense that they also rank as one of the top employees in the city of brotherly love.

In fact, more than 90 percent of the company’s 2500+ employees are in the millennial age category. These same employees also noted with regards to their employed that they feel that they are given the latitude and necessary resources to make their own decisions and progress in their own path. Freedom, as well as trust, were another two core values that were indicated as being liberally allowed within Power Home Remodeling.

Most importantly, more than 95% of all employees who work under Power Home Remodeling’s roof believe that the company is an amazing place to work and one which pushes them to grow professionally year over year. Aside from indicating their appeasement with their employer in a survey, a majority of Power Home Remodeling employees also demonstrate it by staying with the company for more than 18 months.


One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, GlaxoSmithKline is also renowned as being a great place to work at. Their Philadelphia County location is certainly no different.

Employees of GSK have noted that the benefits they receive while working there, including paid time off and health care, are leagues above the average. The culture and people that make up this Phila-based company also helped it attain a high ranking on our list. Lastly, management has been described as being wonderful, understanding, and accommodating, particularly for those individuals who treasure a work-life balance.

Perhaps most memorable is the fact that the Philly GlaxoSmithKline building has an onsite gym! We’d venture to say that this by itself makes a company worthy of working for, as they show a clear and direct interest in the health of all of their employees.

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