When reviewing data provided by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), it may surprise some to learn that back injuries account for nearly 20% of all workplace injuries in the United States. OSHA, as well as other workplace safety organizations, constantly work to determine how the back injuries occur so that accidents can be avoided. Yet over and over, workers are hurt for the same reasons.

So why do so many employees end up with back injuries?

The Common Causes Of Back Injuries On The Job

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or how many hours a day you spend on the job, there is always the chance that a work accident will occur or that the aspects of the job can cause an injury even without an accident taking place. When it comes to back injuries, the following are the most common causes:

Repetitive Motion Injuriesman with back injury

When an employee has to do the same motions over and over again, the repetitive motion can cause wear and tear on joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Employees who often lift are at risk for repetitive motion injuries in the back.

Slip & Falls

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fall from a great height or a fall from a standing position. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious harm to those involved, including back injuries.

Poor Training

Anyone who is expected to lift in any capacity while at work needs to be trained on proper lifting techniques.

Auto Accidents

Truckers, delivery drivers, and any other employee who is in an automobile for work could potentially end up in an accident.

Falling Object

Falling objects, especially heavy ones, can crush the person unlucky enough to be below, including their spine.

However you or a loved one injured your back, the bottom line is that workers’ compensation should cover your medical expenses and possibly a fraction of lost wages.

Why Should I Consider Working With An Attorney For My Workers’ Comp Claim?

Although the law requires employers to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employees, it does not require the insurance companies to pay out. The harsh reality is that most insurance companies train their adjusters to deny as many claims as possible, saving the company money.

A denial can be issued for something as small as a mistake made on a claim form. Appeals can be filed, however, the appeals process is lengthy and confusing. When you work with an experienced legal team, like the one at Schuster Law, you can be sure that the common mistakes made on the initial claim are avoided and your chance of getting your claim approved the first submission will be much higher. If you’ve already received a denial, a lawyer can guide you through the appeals process and help you get the evidence you need to prove that your claim is valid.

What Can I Do If My Back Injury Prevents Me From Working?

If you have a back or spinal injury that prevents you from returning to work, you may be able to file for Social Security Disability. These benefits are available to anyone who qualifies, not just the elderly and retired. Contact our law firm today to learn more.

A Personal Injury Lawsuit May Be Possible After A Back Injury

back injury pictureWhen reviewing a workers’ compensation claim, our attorneys also determine whether or not our client is eligible to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. These legal complaints are filed against the person or group who was responsible for the injury you have sustained.

A personal injury lawsuit can help cover all losses, not just medical expenses and lost wages. These lawsuits can be filed at the same time as a workers’ compensation claim.

At Schuster Law, we understand the horrific pain you are in and we will do everything we can to ensure that you get the compensation needed to get treatment for that pain.