Scaffolding Accidents: When Can You File A Lawsuit?

Each day, thousands of people enter and leave numerous buildings, never really stopping to consider what it took to build the structure or what it continues to take in order to maintain the building. Even when walking under scaffolding, visitors typically ignore these structures, not realizing that the scaffolding workers are helping keep a building in good shape. Or that [...]

The Common Injuries Reported By Electricians

As an electrician, you understand that without property safety precautions your life could literally be on the line. Each year, thousands of electricians are seriously injured at work, requiring extensive medical care. This article will cover the most common examples of injuries sustained by electricians.  The Most Common Injuries Sustained By Electricians At Work  The following are the most common [...]

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Joint Injuries On The Job

What is a joint exactly? Medically speaking, a joint is where two or more bones come together. Like any other part of the body, a joint can be injured. When this happens at work, it's may be diagnosed as a work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD). The Main Types Of Joint Injury Let’s cover the main categories of joint injuries: Sprains/Strains A [...]

What Are The Main Causes Of Injuries When Using Forklifts

While the average American hasn’t actually driven or used a forklift, also known as a lift truck or powered industrial truck, they could certainly identify one on sight. Likewise, it’s common knowledge that forklifts can be very useful when it comes to lifting and moving heavy materials, but it's not commonly known that it can be very dangerous to [...]

Airline Employees: Common Injuries Sustained At Work

When someone decides to go on vacation and soon after books a flight, they infrequently stop to think about the thousands of people who work hard to make sure that their flight is safe, clean, well-stocked, fueled, and their baggage is loaded correctly. The truth is that these hardworking airline employees are at high risk of becoming injured or ill [...]

What To Do Following A Slip And Fall Accident In PA

Slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence and can happen to anyone, anywhere, yet they are especially common in the Northeast of the United States and particularly during the colder months. Although they're often disregarded in common culture, these types of accidents can result in serious injuries; broken bones, head injuries, and even spinal cord damage are common diagnoses [...]

What You Need To Know About Lifting Injuries

It doesn’t matter if you are only occasionally required to lift a heavy object or if lifting is a routine part of the job. It’s very important to understand the risks associated with lifting on the job and to take steps to prevent injury. Although lifting injuries are most common among people who lift unfamiliar objects, such as boxes at [...]

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The Common Injuries Sustained By Roofers

There are very few man-made buildings that are lacking a roof and the roofing industry is a busy one. Whether it’s putting a roof on a brand new building or making repairs to an older roof, roofers are almost never lacking for work. However, roofers do work in a very dangerous profession and unless certain precautions are taken, injuries are [...]

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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome: The Facts

When a doctor says “You have hand-arm vibration syndrome” many patients laugh, thinking that the doctor is trying to make a joke. However, hand-arm vibration syndrome is a real medical condition that impacts thousands of American workers. What Is Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome? Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a disorder that is both painful and potentially disabling. The disorder has three [...]

Workers’ Comp & Back Injury: Is It Covered?

When reviewing data provided by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), it may surprise some to learn that back injuries account for nearly 20% of all workplace injuries in the United States. OSHA, as well as other workplace safety organizations, constantly work to determine how back injuries occur so that accidents can be avoided. Yet over and over, [...]

What Is An IME & How To Prepare For An Independent Medical Exam

If you’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim after a work-related personal injury takes place, then you’ve already seen at least one doctor who has diagnosed your condition, recommended treatments, and indicated how this injury or illness will impact your ability to return to work. However, if the insurance company is disputing your workers' compensation claim, you may have to undergo [...]

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Common Injuries Sustained By Carpenters And Compensation For Accidents

Carpentry is an in-demand occupation and carpenters work on many different types of projects, including but not limited to the construction of buildings, bridge building, shipbuilding, and concrete framework. The very nature of the work means that carpenters are working in potentially dangerous environments and surrounded by tools that could cause carpentry accidents on a daily basis. Tools Frequently Used [...]

PA Dram Shop Law: Holding Alcohol Vendors Responsible

The auto accidents resulting from drunk drivers are some of the most deadly and severe encountered on the road. This is often due to the fact that even a small amount of alcohol can significantly impair the judgment of a driver. Once their normal judgment and driving instincts are impaired, drivers often speed and make dangerous maneuvers that can [...]

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Trash Truck Accidents in Philadelphia: Millions Of Tax Dollars Pay For Accidents Caused By Sanitation Workers

In November 2019, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article about how many truck accidents involving dump and trash trucks are costing taxpayers every year. Suffice it to say, the numbers are absolutely astounding. Philadelphia's Sanitation Workers Involved In Accidents Daily Disturbing statistics show that since 2015, Philadelphia's sanitation workers have been involved in more than 2,000 garbage truck accidents. This breaks down to [...]

Can I Be On Disability And Go To School?

If you’ve fought for and won Social Security Disability benefits then you know that your case will be reviewed by the Social Security Administration every once in a while to determine if you are still eligible to receive the benefits. So how could enrolling in school, whether in-person or online, impact their stance on your eligibility to continue receiving the [...]

Pennsylvania Attorney General To Investigate COVID19 Deaths In Nursing Homes

The COVID19 pandemic has brought to light deficiencies in preparedness for virus outbreaks more than any other event in recent memory. This lack of foresight and preparation has been made most obvious by the shocking number of deaths encountered in Pennsylvania nursing homes. AG Josh Shapiro Takes Action The COVID19 nursing home lawyers at Schuster Law were proud to see [...]

What Are Occupational Diseases?

It’s easy to forget that occupational diseases are a real threat to the health of American workers. This article discusses the common types of occupational diseases and their treatments.  What Is An Occupational Disease?  An occupational disease is a disease or disorder that is developed due to chemical exposures in the workplace.  What Are The Most Common Occupational Diseases?  According [...]

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Injuries That Can End A Career In Healthcare

When someone works in healthcare, they work hard to ensure that the injured and ill are well taken care of during their time of need. However, the job puts many healthcare workers in a position that puts them at high risk of becoming the next patient to need treatment.  Injuries And Illnesses Commonly Reported In Healthcare Jobs  The following are [...]

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Injuries Frequently Reported By Firefighters

The men and women who work as firefighters are some of the bravest people in the country. They put their lives at risk in order to save others from harm’s way. Naturally, this means that their job is a dangerous one and that injuries occur frequently.  Injuries Commonly Reported By Firefighters  The injuries that are the most frequently reported by [...]

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Common Injuries For Truck Drivers

With companies like Amazon making it easier for consumers to have goods shipped directly to their homes, the United States has seen a substantial increase in the number of jobs available for commercial truck drivers. Accordingly, labor statistics show that this has also led to an increase in the number of reported injuries sustained by commercial truck drivers. With how [...]

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Chemical Burns At Work: What Do Employees Need To Know?

Chemicals are used in nearly every industry in the United States, and when handled appropriately, workers are safe. But spills, leaks, and explosions can result in exposure which could cause a serious chemical burn. What Chemicals Can Cause A Chemical Burn? The severity of a chemical burn is determined by the type of chemical, the strength or concentration of the [...]

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Bike Messengers: The Common Accidents And Injuries In The Industry

Unless an individual or company works directly with a courier service that uses mike messengers, most people don’t remember that this type of worker even exists. But thousands of individuals make money delivering letters and packages on a daily basis, riding furiously between destinations. In metropolitan areas, these workers are sought after because of the maneuverability of the bike, which [...]

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Its Tax Time. Are My Benefits From Comp Claims Taxable?

You fought hard for workers’ compensation and are finally getting the payments that you need. Now it’s everyone’s least favorite time of year - tax time. When it comes to workers’ compensation, what steps must you take regarding taxes?  Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Taxable?  Generally, workers’ compensation is not considered taxable income. These payments fall into a non-taxable income category [...]

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Construction Worker Electrocuted In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is constantly growing and the construction industry is booming. With the increased pressure to get jobs done quickly, construction workers are pushed to complete their tasks without proper training or the correct safety gear, increasing the chance that a construction accident will happen.  On Saturday, August 3rd, 2019, a Philadelphia construction worker was lucky to survive the latest accident.  [...]